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November/December 2012 News

It’s spring on the top of the Pass and all thoughts of snow are starting to fade for the next half year or so. (But anything is possible in this wonderful world where Nature takes over and surprises us at the least expected moments!).

But here’s a reminder of our recent winterscape that really struck our fancy from one of our guests who has a most wonderful sense of humour:

“Not a four star lodge or a luxury hotel group resort. It is a rustic off road fun stop for people with a sense of adventure and travellers who are used to four-wheel-drive territory and accommodation. Those expecting heated towel rails and room service should book in elsewhere.  This venue doesn’t promise to be anything other than what it is: a place with the most spectacular views, atmosphere and location. That there is hot and tasty food, booze, bed and bogs is a bonus! Four-by-four adventurers are generally used to roughing it – so “Sani Top”* is more than adequate for most! As for other complaints, local rural labour is employed and do the best they can.

Get a life all you whingers who complain! Go to Sun City or the Oyster Box if this is too tough for you!” Source – Tripadvisor Website

  • Hundreds if not thousands of former guests are still calling us “Sani Top” – we have no problems with this as we are not spending our hard earned funds on advertising but rather upgrading our charming rondavels and lounge areas. Just for your information, for the past half year, we have rebranded ourselves “Sani Mountain Lodge” and are under new ownership and management. Slowly but surely we are communicating with all of our friends and tour operators.
  • We would also like to remind you that you do not have to own or rent a 4x4. You can now sit back and enjoy the stunning drive up and down Sani Pass not having to navigate yourself. WE HAVE COURTESY LODGE TRANPORT JUST FOR OUR GUESTS FROM THE SOUTH AFRICAN BORDER POST TO THE LODGE AND BACK. (There is safe parking for your own vehicles at the border post itself.) Rates and times of departure for Lodge guests are indicated on this site.

“Getaway Magazine”  appreciates our very unique offer – location, location, location! The magazine has included us in its latest November 2012 issue as an editorial insert: “Getaway Guide to SA’s 10 ULTIMATE 4X4 TRAILS”.

Now we can have our cake and eat it – upgrade both our Lodge and our awareness!

Go to the map on page 5 of this brochure and you’ll find us located on the point marked “H” and then turn to page 36. In appreciation of Getaway’s support, we would be greatly obliged if you could buy a copy and get all the details.

Here’s just the cover so you’ll recognise it when you see it!

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