“It is a very good opportunity to meet fellow travelers from around the world. They are all there for the experience of Sani Pass, the view and the overnight stay.” (Tripadvisor)
“The atmosphere very relaxed and cosy – evenings with guitar and locals singing in front of the fireplace,nice trekking, horse riding and quad biking trips. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” (Tripadvisor).


HIKING: (Detailed directions will be provided by hotel staff when you arrive at our Lodge)

  • Escarpment Walk: Straight out of the front of our Lodge will lead you along the escarpment for a short 20 minute walk or for a few hours out and back along the vehicle track (easy walking with no additional altitude).
  • Hodgson's Peaks Walk: Across the road past the Lesotho Border Post will lead you up the valley toward Hodgson's Peaks; they are in your view most of the time so you can always see where you are headed and where you have come from. It will take 5 hours to summit the south peak (3,200 m) and return to the Lodge.
  • Thabana Ntlenyana Walk: "pretty little mountain" is 12 km from Sani Mountain Lodge. It is the highest point south of Kilimanjaro at 3482 m. It takes 8-9 hours to complete and can be done on foot or on horseback. A guide is recommended and costs a minimum of R350 per day. Speak to the staff and arrange the night before.

These sturdy mountain animals are available on an hourly basis or daily rental basis. Negotiate the price before departure; you pay for the guide, the guide's horse and your horse. Enquire with staff and they will find a guide for you.

Visit a Bastho home, watch sheep sheering and taste traditional Basotho bread and beer.

For a great workout bring your bike and cycle up the pass. Time: 2-3 hours; Distance: 8 km.

As with above activities, staff will assist in organising any of these activities

If weather permits and if adequate snow is present, these activities can be organised.