“The hotel is basic but with a cool ambiance” (Tripadvisor)

The Sani Mountain Lodge is a member of the Ends of the Earth international resort group. Its members will include very unique, charming venues – what links them all is that each is situated in a stunning location – either at great heights in the most impressive mountain ranges/plateaus or literally at the end of a continent or an outlying island – most are indeed on the road to getting lost – not surrounded by hotel rows and neon lights – merely the stars in clear skies to light up your stay. Each offers an experience that will never be confused with another holiday nor ever forgotten. Our warm welcomes offer comfort where our retreats are alpine and our chilling beverages offer respite where our retreats are more tropical. Take the road less traveled and get lost a little at our world’s highpoint.

Frequent Questions

How do I book?
Click right here to book on line and click here to see accommodation options and rates.

How do I get there?
Click here to find a map and directions.

Do you need a 4x4 to get up the pass?
4x4 vehicles are the only vehicles allowed on the pass. Driving down the pass in snow or ice - make sure you use first or second gear in low ratio and do not touch the brakes on ice or thick snow. If you park on the ice, turn your front wheels into the bank otherwise your vehicle can slip. Snow chains are not necessary. Ultimately, the weather is the determining factor for how you get up the Sani Pass.

Where can I fill up with petrol?
There are a few petrol stations in Himeville & Underberg, once you go up the pass the next petrol station is in Mokhotlong - 1hr & 30 minutes from The Lodge

I do not own a 4x4, how do I get up the pass?
You have various options available to you. You can go up the pass with one of the local tour operators. They leave at 9:30am and return at around 4:30pm. For Lodge guests, there is a shuttle service. You will need to book for this - please enquire through our bookings office or contact us.

There are also local taxis that run up and down the pass. They are the cheapest (less than R100) but only depart once the car is full, so have some time on your hands. Alternatively, you can walk or cycle up the pass. From the South African border post, this will take you about 2 to 3 hours, its 8km to the top. You can leave your car at the border post overnight. It will be safe there.

Do I need a Visa to enter Lesotho?
No, only a valid passport is necessary, a temporary one is also fine.

Border regulations
You are not permitted to take liquor across the border into Lesotho.

Payment and currency
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express credit cards and cash. The local currency, Maloti, is on par with the South African rand.